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Mojacar. Just Magic

Really. You should start out by first coming to Mojacar. Spain is a really big country with 17 regions and differences in culture, language, people and weather. Not just the landscape

Buying a property in Spain ( Click here for “How to buy a property” ) ought to be a well thought over project, whether for just a holiday home with maybe some sub letting or to live here all year round. Or several months. There are many aspects to consider to make the proper choice. Feeling at home is probably the most important. If you don’t feel at home in Almeria you will never come and live there.

We believe that Almería is Spain’s best kept secret and most authentic when you think of the true Andalusian way of life. Almería is the province of the free tapa, of wild and rugged landscapes, pristine and empty beaches, mountains, orchards, desert and much more. Almería is Spain as it used to be. An adventure

Time here just passes. It isn’t easy living here when you are in a rush

Mojacar Housing will give you a proper welcome. Almeria Style. We are not in a rush and neither should you be. The thing with Almería is that Almería is different. It is Spain how it used to be. Unspoiled. No high rises. Empty beaches. Little villages with no more than 10 houses. Wild. Rugged. Free

Why are we so in love this little corner of Spain’s best kept secret? Well, Mojacar is Ancient. The rich customs and fiestas of the Mojaceros retain links deep into the past, unto the Moors, the Romans, the Greeks, the Phoenicians and even further than that. There are fiestas all year round and most of them are older than Christianity.

Mojacar is an open-air museum, with beautiful little white washed houses and streets scattered around the town. A town that doesn’t stop surprising you.

It is hard not to fall in love with Mojacar. When you eat the catch of the day in of the many little restaurants scattered along the coast. When you visit the local market were locally grown fruits and vegetables are being sold. The terraces from where to watch the spectacular sunsets. 

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